Tuesday, 03 December 2019 By Fauziah Guslim – Apprentice of Anthony Veder

As a cadet at Jakarta Merchant Marine Higher Education i feel very proud to be able to carry out my sea project at a company named Anthony Veder.

For one year I carried out my sea project on 2 ships from this company, namely Coral Pavona and also Coral Meandra, becoming a cadet on these ships was a very valuable experience, various knowledge I have gained and they are not only navigation, cargo handling, maintenance and so on.  But I also learned how to communicate with people from another countries, became a responsible person, learned how important safety was on board and many others.

After one year of marine practice, I had the opportunity to attend a cadet evaluation day, a day where I and 6 of my other friends who were also Indonesian cadets in Anthony Veder held a presentation about our experiences while on the ship and conducted individual interviews.

During this event I felt that the atmosphere from the room was very good and did not make me nervous at all, I felt that I was talking in front of my own family and told them about everything I could get on board.  The event was relaxed but controlled.  The thing I like about this company is how everyone interacts like family and this is also how I felt while I was on the ship.

During the event of my presentation which was attended by Mr.  Angga Luthfi Eldrianto, Mr.  Alexander Spoelma and also Capt. Gagah Mudakarana and Chief Engineer Wisnu Febriyanto, I feel I can explain things freely and with satisfying responses as well as my individual interviews that run smoothly.  In this event I also gained various information and knowledge not only from the company representatives who attended this event but also from my own friends, we have a variety of different experiences and knowledge which on this occasion we can describe as fully as possible and share it to all of us. It was a very pleasant day for each one of us. At the end the event was closed by a group photos and closing speech by Mr. Angga Luthfi and Mr. Alexander Spoelma.

I represent 6 of my other friends who have tried to give maximum performance when we do our sea project at this company and also in conducting presentations and interviews on cadet evaluation day, we hope to get satisfying results as well.

I feel thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of this company for one year, I am not only getting new knowledge but I also got a new family.  My friends and I hope we can come back to this company and show that we have competence as officers later.

May the luck with us.