Thursday, 09 July 2020 By Angga Luthfi, Director PT. Equinox Bahari Utama

Pilot training for cosmetic and maintenance is being conducted today at one of training institute in Jakarta.

10 Bosuns from one of EBU client, Anthony Veder, are attending the training which is focusing on the theory and practical of how to do the right painting onboard. The goal of this training is to upgrade the quality of painting and to refresh the knowledge of the Bosun on board.

It is a one-day interesting training. All the Bosuns who are attending this training, are having a positive enthusiasm to participate and asking a lot of questions as part of the brainstorming session. Subjects which are being discussed such as generic type of paints, introduction of paint types and its characteristics, pre-blasting preparation, types of contamination and how to overcome them, painting applications techniques with various tools, general paint consumption calculation, discussion of painting failure, discussion of inspection techniques and the introduction of paint technology.

The feedback received from all the attended Bosuns are very positive since they are also able to discuss all the issues which had been encountered on board with the trainer and to find the best solution how to overcome them. Most of them are realizing that besides experiences which they are having for so many years, a combination of practical experience and knowledge on how to do the right and effective painting, are the key to upgrade the quality of painting on board the ship.

At the end of the training, all the Bosuns are having positive commitment to implement what had been learnt when they are back on board and to make this pilot training be a good and an added value experience.