Sunday, 12 July 2020 By Resha Idri Yulianti -- 3/OFF of Anthony Veder

It all started with a dream. When I was young, I adored a lot about Japan and have dream to be there someday. After long way passed, I could chase my dream came true, finally I got there for the first time when I was apprentice. I’ve became a seaman by accidentally, but I never regret about it. As a seaman I’ve visited many places and countries, meet and work with different people, with different backgrounds, cultures, and characters, that make me realize how big and diverse we are in this world. Working on board ship is fun and challenging for the same time. Each day comes with a new beginning, new hope, new lesson and new bunch of challenges. The life of a seafarer is not bed of roses, sometime I face difficulties and hardships. But trust yourself and have the courage to face your fears, enjoy the joys of your job, have a respect to all people around you, and always positive thinking. And finally, all the good things will come over you.

PT. Equinox Bahari Utama celebrates diversity and women empowerment and recognizes the women in our workforce that help us achieve more success!