Tuesday, 15 October 2019 By Christina Yeniwati and Yossy – Crewing of PT. Equinox Bahari Utama

On October, 15th 2019. One of our client Golar Management Norway AS held a MTI training in Split, Croatia. One of our Assistant Manager and Crewing Assistant have opportunity to attend the training

MTI Network’s trainers are Patrick Adamson as Chairman and Founding partner of MTI Network, Allyson Cover as lead role in organizing and running all levels of MTI training courses worldwide and Blake Sinclair as heavily involved in crisis communication management, as well as internal project development.

MTI is the world’s leading incident response network dedicated to serving the shipping, energy, offshore and transportation industries.

In the world of shipping it is very necessary to study the network of MTI, because we should know how to respond in every incident that happens to our crew, for example such as accident on ship resulting dead of crew, piracy, hijack, lost crew on board etc. Crisis can arise, at any time of the day or night. One of the respondents has faced the biggest challenge to collect facts and communicate with relevant stakeholders during the incident.

If incident happen, we were not allowed to communicate to the media before receive confirmation from the right sources. We need to conduct an investigation based on accurate reports from the police, captain on board and ship owners. We are trained one by one how to face a phone calls from relatives, media / skype videos / meet in person to know how to react and response and what step that we need to take to avoid miscommunication from other parties. This training gives us a knowledge and skills to practice controlling news to media and relatives of crew member.

It is really great experience to attend the MTI training and give us more perspective how to response in any situation!