Wednesday, 27 November 2019 By By Angga Luthfi Eldrianto, Director of PT. Equinox Bahari Utama

Following the Anthony Veder (AV) apprentice day on Nov 27th, Nov 28th we proceeded with apprentice selection for summer 2020 with total of 18 apprentices candidates from various maritime schools in Indonesia for AV fleet.

All the candidates were being nervous but also very enthusiastic to do the final steps of the selection, after doing full style of recruitment processes over the past month. All the young and motivated candidates were being given an opportunity to deliver their presentation for 15 minutes per each. Captain Gagah Mudakarana and Alexander Spoelma, Crewing Manager AV, were leading the deck department interview, while the engine department interview was being led by Chief Engineer Wisnu Febriyanto and Angga Luthfi, Director PT. Equinox.

Each apprentices were so motivated to express himself during the presentation and interview. The engine candidates were being asked several basic technical questions by C/E Wisnu where they also need to draw some basic engineering system, such as main and auxiliary machinery system, fuel pump, cooling system, etc. The most interesting part in the engine department that for the first time ever, we were having a female engine apprentice candidate who followed the selection process. Deck department interview was also running very interesting, where we had a difficult time by the end to conclude the selected candidates and need to have a final session to re-invite 2 candidates for a final decision.

By the end of the day, we had concluded the interview session by selecting best from the best candidates. We do thank all the candidates who had done their utmost effort to be selected and would like to congratulate all the selected candidates to be Anthony Veder apprentices for summer 2020.