Report Hazard Stay Safe at Ontari

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

Promoting a healthier and safer working area through QHSE Management Visit

In commemorating the national Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) month and also to fulfill the action program of QHSE campaign we held a program named “QHSE Management Visit”. The theme that we use for this year is “Report Hazard Stay Safe!”. Several related activities that are related to this program are:

1. QHSE Management Program Meeting – this is one of the program in the HSE project that aims to review and evaluate the implementation of HSE in site. In this program, there will be a reward given to those who implement HSE in the field.
2. QHSE Program Inspection – this act as a directly media control , and process the implement of HSE

This program is conducted on Saturday Feb 2nd 2019 and visited by QHSE officers and 2 Cadets officers as a function of caringness, responsibility, evaluation, and monitoring of the implementation of QHSE management system in Equinox Group environment, especially in the vessels. One of the vessel that we met during the field visit was MT. Ontari which is currently operating in Cilacap. During the visit we share information regarding with QHSE and continue with a safety meeting. The meeting was conducted at 12.30 - 16.00 and attended by all the MT Ontari crews except the crews who are on duty.

This activity is intended to raise awareness and obedience to fulfill the HSE standard, and as well as an alert for all the crew vessels in controlling, prevent and dealing with any risks from the company’s activities that could affect to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). HSE is one aspect of labor protection and become a basic right of all workers has grown in scope to the safety and health of the national community. Therefore, in any condition HSE required to be conducted in accordance with the regulations and standards both nationally and internationally. Recognizing this, the Management continuously make efforts to promote HSE through various approaches, both technically and systemic, and make HSE as a culture. As one of the proof is implementing the QHSE Management System.

Dion Ragil, QHSE Office