Visiting LNG/c Tangguh Foja at Bitung Anchorage

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

Visiting LNG/c Tangguh Foja at Bitung anchorage

On February 8th – 9th, representative from EQUINOX BAHARI UTAMA (EBU), Ass. Crew Manager Hilda Christiani and Director Angga Luthfi, visited one of K-Line Energy Ship Management’s vessel, LNG/c Tangguh Foja at Bitung anchorage. This plan was actually being initiated from a couple of months ago or during dry docking period in Singapore, but only can be finalized by last week, considering the tight schedule for crew member during dry docking.

It was indeed such a good opportunity to be able to visit Tangguh Foja since this was for the first time ever, EQUINOX as manning agent got the opportunity to meeting all crew member from K-ENE fleet onboard and to understand or get familiar with working culture onboard K-ENE vessel. We embarked the vessel using a boat in the afternoon and welcomed warmly by all crew onboard. Very well maintained and clean LNG ship – it was the very first impression once embarking Tangguh Foja.

We were having a fruitful meeting with both Sr. Officer and all crew onboard during our visit. Positive feedback was being received and taken for our continual improvement from both of the meetings, regarding crewing and operational subjects.

Tour around the ship was also being taken by the end of the day, where we got the opportunity to see around the ship from fore to aft on deck area, and also to see around the engine room. Admitted that the ship is being very well maintained, both in deck (including accommodation) and engine room compartment – compliment for all crew onboard for the good work and job.

It was such a pleasure and good experience to visit Tangguh Foja.


By Angga Luthfi,

Director EQUINOX Bahari Utama.

Visiting LNG/c Tangguh Foja at Bitung anchorage