EBU Personal Effectiveness Training

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services


On March 2nd – 3rd, personal effectiveness and leadership training had been successfully conducted for all EQUINOX Bahari Utama (EBU) office staff at Aston Bogor.

All EBU staff were having good enthusiasm to do the training, which focus on how to develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), e.g. overcome weakness, building up positive team work, 2-way communication and personality improvement. The 1st day was mainly focus on to have a good understanding of personal’s goal, which can be developed positively and to support thereafter company’s goal. While for the 2nd day, it was focus on building up team work and open communication, in order to achieve the breakthrough level.

How do we overcome the weaknesses? it’s a very good question.

Everyone is surely having personal weaknesses, e.g. un-confidence, laziness, being in a comfort zone, afraid of doing innovation, etc. Some people, who are wise enough, will be able to recognize them and try to overcome these character flaws. While some others ignore it and find themselves repeating mistakes, which lead into unfulfilled lives. The secret of this (self-improvement) is to discover our fallibilities and either to correct them, or to find a way how to turn it to become our strength.

Moreover, from weakness, everyone is also having bad experiences (Red Dot) on their life which sometimes always be a nightmare. Then we need to find the way thereafter how to awake from the nightmare and walk with somebody to achieve our dream. The intention of doing this should be 100%, with more than a way to do so.

How to implement it in our life? Everyone can do better than before, surely with 100% intention and support from each other.

Two-way communication means that both sender and receiver, listen to each other, which need to have good focus, concentration, analyzation and trust. It also means that feedback can be gathered from all sides, not only from top to bottom, but can be also from bottom to top, in order to achieve an open culture at the working environment which surely beneficial for the company by the end.

The most important thing of this training, is how to implement the values given into our daily life and to be a better person.

By. Indra Permana, Crewing Assistant EQUINOX Bahari Utama