Anthony Veder Rating Conference

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

Building confidence and resilience in Yogyakarta

Following the Bosun day on April 3rd, on April 4th we proceeded with the rating conference with again a number of actual and very interesting topics

The day was opened by Angga Luthfi Eldrianto Director of Equinox being the Anthony Veder manning agents in Jakarta with a very personal story on the learning of his small children and family care, a positive sty appealing to the hearts and minds of many of the attending people.

Crew welfare is an important issue and is becoming more actual by the day as the number of crew mental health issues is growing throughout the shipping industry year by year.

Mr. Renato 'Jun' Pablo Jr. ISWAN Regional Director, Philippines and South East Asia delivered the same workshop today as he did during the bosun day highlighting some topics relevant to mental health, the influence of social media, understanding and overcoming cultural differences and dealing with stress and bad news from home.

Different workshops were delivered during the day covering cyber security, speak up for safety, reflective learning and cultural differences and we could say that we learned a lot by sharing and we had a lot of fun in roleplaying doing the different exercises.

Over the years organizing these rating seminars we managed to deliver a better program and every year and we found a perfect way in delivering the message as a combined effort from both the Rotterdam office as well as the Equinox staff.

A real partnership between the principals and a manning agency is crucial in building a strong safety culture as selecting and developing the skills of seafarers (the human element) is one of the most important success factors, mutual understanding of cultural differences and delivering training workshops together has proven to be a “golden concept”.

We do thank Angga and his Equinox staff for organizing the event and their contribution during the day and we look forward to the family gathering on April 5th!

Salam dari Yogyakarta !

By Arthur van der Kaay SHEQ Manager

Anthony Veder