Anthony Veder Family Gathering 2019 In Yogyakarta

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

On Friday April, 5th 2019 Anthony Veder family gathering had been held in Yogyakarta. This is the first time we arranged family gathering outside of Jakarta.

The family and crew with total 320 persons were attending the event. The concept of the event is different from last year. We have “Amazing Race” games, visiting Prambanan temple and have a Gala dinner at the end of the day.

We gather at 08.00 in the morning. The family gathering opening by Mr. Jan Valkier as CEO of Anthony Veder. We do the ice breaking together with crew, wife and children. The Amazing race divided into 16 groups contain with their family and divide 4 (four) games that need to be solved.

The facilitator give us a puzzle that we need to solved and the first team win solving the puzzle can start the game and receive a clue from the facilitator to move to the first post to get another clue.

First clue is we need to find the Governor office and search the facilitator. We need to count the beats, after finish of counting, we receive another clue and searching to find the second post, which is Bering Harjo market, when we arrive they give us a clue and we need to buy an object that describe by the second clue.

After finish in post 2, we move to the 3rd post. In the 3rd clue we need to take a picture with our team inside of Instagram picture and send it via WhatsApp in front of the landmark that has been choose by the facilitator.

The last clue is ended at the post office. Each group receive a newspaper, scissor, glue and post card. We need to cut each words from the newspaper and make our commitment to the company in the post card and send it to the office.

After Amazing Race game is finish, We have lunch in Sasono Ondrowino restaurant that provide us with traditional food from Yogyakarta “Gudeg” which is very delicious and accompanied by Javanese singer and Gamelan band.

After lunch all families taking a bus and goes to Prambanan temple, we make a group picture in Prambanan temple, which is very nice and all families have leisure and learning the history of the Prambanan temple.

The group back from Prambanan temple at 16.30 and goes to Omah Dhuwur restaurant to have a Gala dinner.

The dinner is very nice and the place is very cozy. We provide, goody bag for each family and photo booth for all so they can take a picture with the families and other crew.

We announce Man of the day in rating conference and jubilee for crew that has been sail in Anthony Veder for 15 years and 10 years. Also we announce the group that has win the amazing race game. The dinner accompanied by band and singers. Our crew and staff is sing along together.

The gala dinner ending at 21.30 and all families back to the hotel for resting and prepare to going home tomorrow afternoon.

The family gathering ending with awesome experience in Yogyakarta. We learn, we built a good team work and we are one big family.

See you in the next Anthony Veder Family Gathering 2020!!!

By Yossy, Ass. Crewing Manager

Equinox Bahari Utama