Safety Officer Training of Anthony Veder Batch II

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

Safety Training in the Warmth City of Jakarta.

It was on Sunday , 7th of April 2019, the day when i arrived in hotel Pullman cbd and welcomed by warmth and hustle bustle of the city of Jakarta. With full of curiosity for this training mixed with the good impression for the hotel that i will stay for the next 5 days.

Yes, the training will be held for 5 days, and it is about the safety & leadership. I feels it quite general and familiar as I always faced it in daily life on board the ship. That is what I though in the beginning.

The Program started in the Monday morning and held in one of the conference hall in the hotel. The training was led by safety specialist Peter Saaman and assisted by Capt. Leo Van Toly, attended by Crewing Manager Alexander Spoelma in the first day, also the event arranged by Sofia from Equinox and the program followed by 8 Indonesian Officer.

In the beginning of the program, we asked to write down 5 words related to safety on the sticky notes, then we stick it on the wall and separate it by the categories of safety culture, personal safety and procedure. Then I see more than half of the notes was stick on category of the procedure

The training program continued by other topic such as leadership, making risk assessment, safety meeting & drill, toolbox, reflective learning, doing incident investigation, intervention, and cultural difference. During the training program, we do more discussion, sharing experience, workshops & practice rather than only telling & listening. which was out of my expectation and certainly very interesting also we feel more involved to the program.

In the middle of training, precisely on the fourth days, we had dinner together in the kunstring Paleis Restaurant with the age of the building of more than 100 years old and decorated with various paintings from the famous painters around the world. We get more excited when surprisingly Peter and Leo was invited to join the traditional danceĀ  of Betawis in the middle of dinner event, they got surprise and I am sure they will not forget this nice experience .

In the last day of the training on 12 of April, we asked to write down again 5 words related to safety on to the sticky notes, and the result was quite different from the first day, most of the notes was in to the category of safety culture.

My perception about implement the safety on board was changed after the training, then I know how to communicate better, how to provide the training better, how to lead by example, implement the positive reporting process from the crew, and to involve the crew in any activities related to safety, so I can implement it on board for the sake of improvement for our safety culture.

In the end, even we came from different countries, different orientation to life, different behavior and habit, but we are agree about safety and we need to work safely together. And remember, everybody want to go home safe.

I do really appreciate for this well organized training and many thanks for everyone involved in this training program. Hope this program will continue and develops more for the future.

By : Agus Yunarto, 2nd Officer in Anthony Veder