Cadet Sea Project Briefing

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

As the sea project period 2019 -2020 will be started shortly in the end of July 2019, Anthony Veder held a special program for all cadets who will onboard in AV’s vessels as a guidance for them before onboard. This program has been started in 2018 and received positive feedback from the cadets, due to this program brings all the information related with daily operational onboard.

The program in this year is different, due to we invited Captain Gagah Mudakarana as a speaker to share his experience and technical information during onboard in point of view as a Captain. The presence of Captain Gagah was impacted for all cadets, because they are very motivated after know captain Gagah has started his career from Cadet to become a Captain in AV.

As a director of EBU, Mr. Angga Luthfi was explained with specifically regarding the expectations towards cadets during onboard, safety onboard, the strategy success during sea project with using SMART goals. One of the subject during briefing is AV Value, this subject is important with expectation all cadets can implemented all the value during onboard. The cadets are very enthusiastic because they are very welcome to ask anything, because this program is open for discussion.

This program has been held successfully, hope all cadets are well informed and well prepare for their upcoming sea project. Bon voyage for all cadets!

Sofia Nurlita – Supporting Section Head