Through Networking and Education Get Ready to Represent Yourself in Shipping Industry

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

One of company role of PT. Equinox Bahari Utama (EBU) is human development and quality of regeneration in Shipping Industry, subsequently on July 27th 2019, EBU had collaborated with Koneksea to share knowledge about manning agency. But first, what is Koneksea? Koneksea is a platform, movement, community and timeless media of young spirit for those who desire to improve further. Their concern to connect people who have education background, experience, and willingness to all practician, academic, goverment who are moving and working in shipping industry.

The event was attending by one of the talented office staff, of PT EBU, Yunita Rahmawati. She was representing PT. EBU to share knowledge about “What Crewing Department Look For” that we know for decades the problem of seafarers in Indonesia are quality and opportunity to get the sailing assignments. Yunita explained and shared about what kind of standards that needed by recruitment, tips to attend the interview, things that need to be prepared by the applicant before they face the test, and several informations about recuitment process. PT EBU is having high standard and strict recruitment process in order to maintain the quality of our seafarers so we can provide best human resources (seafarer) to our customers, as per the need. As shipping company who running significantly by several departments, we passionate to give them preparation and spirit to develop their career in Shipping Industry.

Hendro Pratomo, Crewing Assistant PT. Equinox Bahari Utama