Empowering Proactive and Initiative to Gain Self Actualization with EBU in-house training

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

PT Equinox Bahari Utama (EBU), in collaboration with the Indonesian Seafarer Union (KPI), was having an annual in-house training for seafarers from all Ship Owners and Ship Managers manned by EBU. The activity was now taking place at one of the most wonderful islands in the world, Bali, last week on August 7th – 8th.

With the theme of “Empowering Proactive and Initiative to Gain Self Actualization”, the training was being attended by 60 seafarers (30 representing officers and the other 30 representing ratings).  All of them are the representatives from different Ship Owners and Ship Managers manned by EBU, such as Anthony Veder, Thome Ship Management, K-Line Energy Ship Management (K-ENE), Fugro Marine Service, Golar Management Norway, Andromeda, OMNI Offshore, New Power Ship, Sea Road Line and Perusahaan Pelayaran Equinox (PPE).

Angga Luthfi Eldrianto, as the Director of EBU, opened the day by mentioning that EBU, as one of the Manning Agency always having a commitment to provide job opportunity as wide as possible to Indonesian seafarers, based on the standard set by different Ship Owners and Ship Managers. “Empowering Proactive and Initiative to Gain Self Actualization” refers to the potentials of Indonesian seafarers and to further explore these potentials in order to improve their performance on board by being more pro-active in providing suggestions, sharing ideas and being supported by positive initiatives, aiming positive future career development.

In this training several interesting topics were being brought up in order to improve the quality and competence of Indonesian seafarers. The Director of Shipping and Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, represented by KSOP of Beno, Mr. Agustinus Maun, presented about "Technology 4.0 for Seafarer - Potential and Challenge".
Secretary General of KPI, Mr. I Nyoman Budiasa, together with John Wood as ITF representative explained "Indonesian Seafarer Union at Your Service" and the MLC (Maritime Labor Convention) implementation. Psychologist Dr. Ni Ketut Rai Purnami addressed the problem "Psychological Wellbeing at Sea - How to Tackle Stress Onboard". "Financial Advisor for Seafarer" was presented by financial expert, Thomas Mangu, providing tips and tricks on how to make a good financial planner for seafarers. Regarding "Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training" was delivered by Angga Luthfi Eldrianto, as the Director of PT EBU. While "Seafarer Self-Motivation and Development" was delivered by Capt. Dicky Eka Sukma, one of the Master from Anthony Veder.
The quality of human resources in maritime sector need to be much improved in facing the technology 4.0. Competition will certainly be tighter. Therefore, positive attitude is certainly being needed as well to accept, utilize and optimize the IoT or Internet of Things.  
Positive feedbacks were ebing given by the in-house training participants. They did commit to implement all the topics delivered during the training when they are onboard and sharing it with other crew members.

Capt. Benny Van Houten, one of the representatives from Perusahaan Pelayaran Equinox, emphasized that during his career as a seafarer, it was the first time ever he could attend an in-house training, organized by a Manning Agency, with excellent topics based on the needs of the modern seafarers.

"The activity carried out by EBU and KPI is a positive contribution for Indonesian seafarers. And this should be used as a role model for the other companies, "he added.

Empowerment is both a value orientation for working in the community and a theoretical model for understanding the process and consequences of efforts to exert control and influence over decisions that affect one’s life, organizational functioning, and the quality of community life. The value orientation of empowerment suggests goals, aims, and strategies for implementing change. Empowerment theory provides principles and a framework for organizing our seafarer’s knowledge.

The development of empowerment theory also helps advance the construct our seafarers beyond a passing fad and facing more competitive era ahead. That is the reason why EBU put so much attention in Empowering proactive and initiative to gain self-actualization for this year training.

EBU in-house training committee 2019