Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

PT. Equinox Bahari Utama succesfully conduct a Behaviour Based Safety Course which has been held at Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel in three days, started from August 13th until August 15th 2019. The course brought up by Captain Lloyd Nicolas and assisted by Ms. Gianelli Touchette from Norwegian Training Center (NTC), and we had 12 participants from Golar LNG Crew.

First of all, what is Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)?

Behavior-Based Safety course aims to provide behavior-based approach techniques for officers and crew to enhance their knowledge, understanding, and proficiency on the company-specific safety-related policies, procedures, and tasks onboard ship. 

About 90% of all work accidents involving fatalities, major, and minor injuries are caused by human behaviour. Sometimes workers like to be so careless, neglectful, and often take a shortcuts way in completing their work, or we can called it as a “unsafe behaviour”.

How can we minimize the unsafe behaviour? There are some startegies in creating Behaviour Based Safety Culture, like we need to watch our language (because when onboard we work with lots of people from different country), take advantage of the competence motive (find the right person to take the job), make feedback a positive experience, distinguish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound) Goals from purpose, Elevate  self-efficacy and response-efficacy, build and maintain momentum, etc

The course also gave us a discussions about Human Elements and Behaviour, Safety Leadership, and Safety & Risk Management.

The Participants from BBS Course enjoyed the three-days course and they were sharing their thoughts on what they’ve faced when onboard, and now they know what the right thing to do incase they face the same problem, and have a lot of useful knowledge that can be apply when they are onboard.


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