Dream comes true – Sailing onboard Coral Alicia

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

On 2nd August 2019 I was very happy to be able to join LPG/c Coral Alicia for one voyage, one of good vessel of Anthony Veder, which was located at Port of Chiba, Japan, prior completing my office apprenticeship at PT Equinox Bahari Utama. The purpose of this visit was to have an experience on board and find out the working culture on board. Before joining on board, I had flight from Jakarta to Narita Tokyo on 2nd August 10.30 P.M, arrived on 3rd 01.15 P.M August as well as picked up by Agent Showa Marine. Before the embarkation at port of Chiba, Japan 04.00 P.M, I had to register at the ISPS office by signing the log book and verifying the identity card with a visitor card as the requirement before visiting the vessel. 

As a general info, Coral Alicia is an ethylene carrier under Dutch flag. After arriving safely onboard, I had to register for the second time at Cargo Control Room, after receiving general information of the vessel, I had to follow familiarization on board assisted by 3rd Officer and 3rd Engineer. During the familiarization, I was being introduced to every single vessel’s compartment and its function, how to react in case of emergency situation. This was really important step since this was first time for me to be on board. This familiarization was really important, even for crewmember on board who need to know what to do in case of emergency. Every crewmember or visitor on board must use proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) all the times, like boiler suit, safety shoes, safety gloves, safety glasses, and safety helmet, prior doing the job every day.

Safety onboard is the responsibility of every single crewmember, however Master is having the ultimate responsibility for all safety matters and do reporting to the Company. It is very important for all crewmember to report in every situation like near miss, unsafe situation to officer on duty or Master before having an incident or accident onboard. Moreover, to learn it and try to avoid to be happened again in the future as part of reflective learning (learning from mistakes).

In engine room, every early morning, under supervision of engineer on duty, I assisted him to check all the engine such as aux engine, main engine, sea-wages, emergency engine. Alarm will be ringing when the temperature got overheat. Every night, there is always an engineer on duty (second engineer and third engineer) for having watch in the engine room to make sure the engine safe and secure.

There’s something unique that I felt it for the first time, it was a typhoon when we sailed through South China Sea from Chiba (Japan) to Ningbo (China), in this situation everybody should stay inside accommodation and all equipment must be securely lashed due to rolling and pitching. And I also assisted Master and Chief Officer to prepare all the necessary documents before entering the port, one of them is NOR (Notice of Readiness), issued by the vessel to notify that she is ready for loading or discharging the cargo.

This was a really big opportunity for me to learn more about vessel and working culture on board. As I am an office apprentice, which is a non-sailing apprentice, this became a different way and approach to getting close to crewmember and to receive direct input from them while on board. Hope this good and an added value program will become a routine one for every office apprentice to get more understanding about the vessel and crewmember, in order to support the future as a crewing staff.

By Egi Wahyudi Rahman, Office Apprentice PT Equinox Bahari Utama