Anthony Veder Rating Conference

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Public Lecture

On November 14th 2018, Anthony Veder, in cooperation with Equinox, was having a public lecture at Merchant Marine Higher Education or STIP Jakarta, where we were providing a guideline for the apprentices as a future officer and also the expectation of shipping company towards apprentices on their one year apprenticeship.

The public lecture was being commenced by an interesting Anthony Veder video introduction to boost up the mood of all the 350 apprentices. The program was opened by Crewing Manager of Anthony Veder, Alexander Spoelma, who provided general introduction of Anthony Veder, values, company growth, what does Anthony Veder offer to the apprentices while onboard and also explanation of the importance of apprentices development for future growth of the company.

One of our Chief Officer, Honest Radhiansyah, was also participating as a speaker for the lecture and to represent a mentor figure from the company. He did collaborate with Director of Equinox, Angga Luthfi, to provide guideline and expectation towards all apprentices while they do their apprenticeship onboard. They pointed out how important to complete their Training Record Book in time and to be actively participated in all activities onboard, both as deck and engine apprentice. New Gas Training Record Book was also being introduced during the lecture since this is a company task specific which need to be completed as well during one year apprenticeship. The lecture was mainly to elaborate the importance of communication skill, safety awareness, conduct / attitude and to improve theoretical knowledge onboard by reading manual book. Importance of regular meeting with mentor was also being explained as part of the successful key of the internship.

At the end of the lecture, apprentices were being given opportunity to ask questions where they were actively participating in this session. Most of them were asking how to behave while onboard and what makes Anthony Veder difference with other shipping companies, in term of future of the apprentices after graduated from school. Anthony Veder can be proud of since most of the apprentices in STIP Jakarta are having a dream to having internship onboard Anthony Veder and be one of the favorite company to join with over the past years.

Apprentice Selection

After completion of public lecture, apprentice selection was conducted at STIP Jakarta on November 14th and 15th where 20 apprentices, who had passed pre-screening process with Equinox, were being given an opportunity to deliver their presentation in front of the interviewer, Crewing Manager Alexander Spoelma, Chief Officer Honest Radhiansyah and Director Equinox, Angga Luthfi. 9 apprentices by the end will be selected to have internship with Anthony Veder for summer 2019. The contents of their presentation are mainly about their short and long term goal, weakness and strength point, what do they know about Anthony Veder and why Anthony Veder need to choose them as their apprentices. Some of the apprentices were also being briefly asked about basic knowledge of gas and how gas is being transported.

Simulator Visit

By the end of the 2 (two) days visit at STIP Jakarta, Anthony Veder had been given an opportunity to have a round tour to see some simulators and facilities used by apprentices while at school. Bridge simulator, Engine Control Room (ECR) simulator, Radar / ARPA simulator were being visited during the round tour and all founded in satisfactory and working well.

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

By Director Equinox, Angga Luthfi Eldrianto.