Anthony Veder Rating Conference

Equinox Bahari Utama Crew Management Services

The day started with a welcome movie showing the vessels and the people on board giving the time for all participants to find their seats.

The day was then opened by our HR manager Ferdinand Dekker. He introduced the concept of safety culture and resilience which would be explained during the day through various workshops. He also briefly explained the change in the organization at the Rotterdam office to introduce the new role of the Chief Operational Officer (COO) KlaasKerssemakers. As the members of management team could unfortunately not be present due to other commitments, a pre-recorded welcome message by KlaasKerssemakers was then shown. In his message, he emphasized the importance of speaking up for safety and resilience.

Following the welcome message, Peter Saaman quickly explained the program of the day. As the bosuns were seated each at a different table, it was requested that they would lead and explain what was expected during the various workshops during the day.
The first workshop was then kicked off.

This workshop was done with all participants and consisted of listing all expectations that the crew thought the captains would have of them. The captains also made 3 different lists with expectations they had from the crew of the galley, deck a and engine room departments. This resulted in a rather interesting comparison and showed that there were some differences. This clearly indicated that when expectations are not discussed on board, the goals can’t be attained.

The group was then split into smaller groups and spread over the the ‘Speaking up for safety’, ‘Safety meeting’, ‘Reflective learning’ and the ‘Media Awareness training’ workshops. The groups would then rotate until all workshops had been completed.

The speaking up for safety workshop was led by Peter Saaman and assisted by Yossy and Capt. MichielRoos.

The workshop consisted of role plays during which the ratings were put in a situation to explain an officer about a problem they encountered. This proved not to be an easy task due to cultural differences. They were taught how the bring the problem forward and tho clearly explain it without creating a new conflict to finally find an acceptable solution.

The safety meeting workshop was led by both Elize Mous and Capt. Dicky E. Sukma assisted by Yunita. This workshop consisted of role plays on how to bring forward safety issues during a safety committee meeting.

Reflective learning is a powerful tool to be used for safety training, tool box meetings and safety committee, an inspiring workshop was facilitated by Aviani and Arthur van der Kaay

The media awareness training was led by Angga Luthfi Eldrianto and Sofia Nurlita. The purpose of the training was to introduce the company policy regarding what and above all what not to post on social media and to give some guidelines in case journalists will contact the, vessel or approach the crew after an incident.

Additionally, the items concerning social media and use of personal electronic devices (such as USB sticks and hard drives) as mentioned in the new SIRE VIQ 7 that came into force on September 17th were introduced and discussed.

After all workshops were completed, Peter Saaman explained the concept of resilience, or the ability to overcome a challenging or frustrating situation, by use of the resilience game.

The day day was closed by Director of Equinox, Angga Luthfi Eldrianto who resumed the day’s program and repeated once more the key-points of the workshops in order to make sure that everyone will retain as much as possible in the hope that the safety culture will be improved on board.

By Captain MichielRoos