Annual Meeting Consortium of Indonesian Manning Agencies (CIMA)

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Beginning with the need to exchange ideas about Marine and Managing issues, the founders formed a more formal organization and became the forerunner of the establishment of the Ship Managing Agencies (CIMA) founded in 1997.

With the development of the business world and technology the expertise of seafarers has also changed along with business development and technology as well.

Currently CIMA is warmly discussing government regulations, CIMA wants to ensure that the rights and obligations of seafarers and companies are maintained and in line with existing regulations, both locally and internationally.CIMA, as a representative of Manning Agencies, has made several efforts or steps to guard the draft derivative of the Law, No. 18 of 2017.

CIMA, in several occasions, has been invited to provide input and suggestions in its efforts to oversee derivative drafts from Law No.18 of 2017.

One of them is by attending Forum Group Discussion with the ranks of the legal field of the ministry of labor. CIMA, has sent an outgoing letter to the Ministry of Manpower to provide some ideas and suggestions for this Law.

The annual meeting which was attended by nearly 90% of Members. The string of events run smoothly opened by the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Deddy Harfiandi, officials of the Directorate of Marine Transportation (Sea Comm) Captain Amir Makbul and CaptainMaltus, Chairman of CIMA, and other speakers also Mr. Dr. KoesPranowo.