Friday, 16 October 2020 By Hendra Setiawan, 3/O of Anthony Veder

Vessel Coral Acropora

Before I started it, let me express my feelings to God, my family, and my best friends that I couldn’t mention one by one, thank you so much for prays and support. And also to Anthony Veder Netherland office along with Equinox Bahari Utama has given me this great opportunity. I am very grateful as fresh graduated that I can rejoin with Anthony Veder. I am very excited and I couldn’t wait to be third officer onboard. I will look forward of my duties and responsibilities of a professional third officer. On June 2020 I signed my contract for joined vessel Coral Acropora as ABOT (able bodied seaman and officer training) that is new position in Anthony Veder because according to the last information from Netherland office they can’t posted all new graduated directly to be officer onboard because there is not enough vessel for new officer. This is my first contract as ABOT I had responsibilities and jobs just like normal AB such as do gangway watch and look out when at sea. But I’m lucky in this vessel I have Master, Officer, and All crew there are very kind, they always support and give me opportunity to grow up and prepare myself to become good officer in the next future. I did learn a lot of stuff such as making veslink report, LSA and FFA maintenance, deck log book filling, keeping myself of sharp look out and many other stuff. After around three months on board, Captain asking me to promoted as third officer and I answer “Yes captain, I am ready”. I will do my best and keep improving myself, we never know what will happen in our future but if we want to achieve something more we should prepare before. Because work hard, dedication, and loyalty are never lie. I always said to myself “it’s going to happens” because I’m going to make it happens.