Wednesday, 27 November 2019 By Angga Luthfi Eldrianto, Director PT. Equinox Bahari Utama

On Wednesday November 27th, Indonesian apprentices who had been completed 1 year apprenticeship onboard Anthony Veder (AV) vessels, were being invited for an apprentice evaluation day at Equinox office

The day was being kicked off by Alexander Spoelma, Crewing Manager of AV, who briefly elaborated the AV values and the intention why AV put more attention with the apprentices who is going to be the future officer on the fleet. Angga Luthfi, Director of Equinox, also emphasized that AV values are in line with family values, where he told the real story of his 4 years old kid who explained him how to wash his hands correctly and now he followed the steps exactly as his kid explained. We hear and learn from each other, is exactly in line with one of AV values.

The day was also being attended by Captain Gagah Mudakarana and Chief Engineer Wisnu Febriyanto. Both were sharing their onboard experiences and knowledges to the apprentices where everyone could learn from each other during the evaluation day. Each apprentices were being given an opportunity to deliver the presentation about their onboard experiences in the morning session. Positive feedback received that all apprentices were being guided well by their mentors during one year period onboard 2 vessels. On the afternoon session, each apprentices were having an individual session, divided into 2 groups – deck and engine groups, to share their personal feedback and to find how, AV as a company, is able to improve from the feedbacks given.

The day was being wrapped out by Alexander who thankful all the apprentices who had prepared the presentation very well and being open in sharing their apprenticeship experiences. We were wishing them all the best in continuing their last year education and thesis, and to meet them back onboard after the graduation next year.