Wednesday, 04 December 2019 By Wina Aginta Tarigan – Ex-Apprentice of Anthony Veder

Being one of the apprentices of Anthony Veder , to me, is a very valuable thing, starting from September 2018 when I first set my foot in Europe, that’s when my journey as an Anthony Veder apprentice began.

Coral Energice is my last lady, previously I started my journey as an Anthony Veder apprentice at Coral Meandra then i spent my last five months at Coral EnergICE. Five months that filled with lots of new knowledges and experiences that I gained.

Not only the new knowledges and experiences that I gained but; A new family. A new family that really supports my steps to develop in all aspects; both in technical knowledge and practical knowledge.

Thousands miles away from home for a year is not always easy for me. During the time on board, we had fun, laughed a lot and it made the good atmosphere and helped me so much to go through one year of apprenticeship.

At the end of my apprenticeship, I am very glad that the crew of Coral EnergICE gave me such an unforgettable memories; “WINAPEDIA: Happy Sailing Direction volume 1”, it contains photos of all the crew of Coral Energice and the hopes which they wrote for me for the future.

I had never imagined before to get this honourable book. I, as one of the female apprentices at Anthony Veder, felt very grateful and appreciated at the same time.

My hope in the future, with this book, can always give motivation for me and maybe other apprentices for later after completing studies to be able to show the best for the company.