Monday, 30 September 2019 By Tria Yulita – Crewing of PT. Equinox Bahari Utama

One of our best client, “K”line Energy Ship Management (K-ENE) has been held the annual event family gathering in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 30 September 2019 until 01 October 2019 for K-ENE crew

Some of EBU staff has been involved to organize their event from the beginning, but not only as a committee, our Director of EBU (Mr. Angga Luthfi Eldrianto) has come as a speaker to deliver a good topic for crew seminar.

The first day of K-ENE family gathering, we went to Borobudur temple in the morning for sight-seeing and all the participants has been enjoyed by the view, especially for their kids was excited when arrived at the temple because of they can feeding some deer near the entrance of temple. About 1,5 hours we spent time at the temple and after that we had lunch at BS Resto near the temple with nice ambience.

After we finished the lunch, we continue our next destination to Mt. Merapi for lava tour. There are 3 (three) places that we visited in the tour. First place, we visited the relic house of Mbah Marijan and then we continue to Mini Museum to see some relics from local people’s house after volcano eruption in 2010. The last place, we were enjoyed by water activity in Kuning river and everybody happy with the activity. Before we go back to the hotel, we had dinner at Waroeng of Raminten near the Merapi.

The next day, we started our family event with going to Jogja Bay waterpark for wife’s and kids’ activity, meanwhile the crew was attending the conference in the hotel. After spent time in Jogja Bay until noon, we continue our destination to buy some souvenirs. We went to Bakpia Tugu, one of the famous bakpia nowadays and also, we went to Bakpia Pathok “25” the legendary in Yogyakarta. For the last visited place, we went to Mailoboro which the central place of Yogyakarta.

Before we ended the family event, there is a Gala Dinner in the hotel that all of families were gathered around. We enjoyed the dinner with live music and some exciting games. The most memorable is when all of us doing Maumere dance together for closing the event.

Everybody smiles and feels happy at those night.