Friday, 27 September 2019 By Kevin Arisudana Soetikno, Junior Officer of Anthony Veder

On Friday, September 27th 2019, a survey interview about “Employment and Skills of Workers in the Transportation Sector and Transportation Related Sector in the Asia-Pacific” has been held in KPI Office, Cikini, Jakarta.

On this opportunity, a survey was conducted of 30 workers who worked at sea as seafarer, where 2 of them were workers who worked at PT Equinox.

This survey was conducted by the Center for Applied Research (CFAR) at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) in partnership with ITF and OTCi.

The survey was conducted directly by the Director of the Center for Applied Research (CFAR) of the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Professor Randolph Tan, along with 3 research teams, namely: Ms. Kang Ruihan, a member of the National Trades Union Congress in Singapore (NTUC), Ms. Sarminah Tamsir (NTUC), and Mr. Timothy Joachim Kuehsamy (SUSS).

Abandonment has been serious global issue in the world, specially in maritime industry. A lot of workers who work at sea have experience to that issue and none of them is brave enough to make any report for their prosperity. That is the reasons which based this survey has been conducted. The survey aims to help deficiencies that may still be encountered by workers, especially workers who work at sea where their problems have not been resolved. The result of this survey will give suggestions and inputs in improving the labor system, and even the issuance of new regulations related to problems encountered by workers and not yet regulated internationally