Wednesday, 29 December 2021 By Angga Luthfi Eldrianto Director, Group Chief Executive Officer

The past years has been one of the most challenging years in all our lives both personally and professionally.

The impact of the pandemic is huge and it is almost impossible not to notice any impact as a direct result of the situation and indirect result of the preventive measures being taken by all parties. As a business, Equinox Shipping Group has had to be flexible and adaptable in a very disrupted world, to meet our commitments with our customers.

Your and our industry, are vital in many ways for keeping the global supply chain going and uninterrupted. On board, our seafarers are far away from home and visit countries not knowing what to expect. They cannot work from home or take care of their families. We have deep respect for them and we hope, that like all of us, they will stay healthy. Yet to mention the entire shore (office) staffs as one of the frontlines to ensure the global supply chain going and the seafarers are onboard safely, your effort and dedication throughout the pandemic has been tremendously impressive.

As we draw to the close of the year let us look forward to more positive years when we can once again meet up without fear of spreading or catching the virus and life can return to a new normal. Let’s have understanding and take care of each other, stay safe and healthy.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your cooperation, commitment and loyalty during these challenging period.

Sending you and your family the warmest greetings and warmest wishes this holiday season. Enjoy and hope that 2022 will be healthy for you and all loved ones around you!

Best regards, Angga L. Eldrianto