Wednesday, 27 November 2019 By Ramon Indra Labrijn – Office Apprentice

On Wednesday, 27th of November 2019, we had the opportunity to visit one of Golar vessels called: FSRU Nusantara Regas Satu

Together with Marine HR Assistant, Eko, Crewing Assistant, Christina and Supporting Assistant, Destriana. The vessel operated outside Marina Ancol, North Jakarta.

Before we embarked on the FSRU, we have to register, by signing in the logbook and verifying our identification cards for to receive a visitor card, at the ISPS office of PT Nusantara Regas, located at dock 16, Marina Ancol. Furthermore, we went onboard on a small yacht to the vessel, where we had to disembark from the small yacht to embark on the vessel. The vessel holds LNG cargo and supply gas through pipelines to the metropolis. At first glance, it was an impressive ship that is vital for providing gas for the metropolis Jakarta and has a storage for about 125.000m3.

After we embarked on the vessel, we had to register again at the gangway. We were being escorted by one of the crew, heading to the bridge to meet the officers, to do a Safety briefing in which they would explain about the safety policies of the vessel. After the explanation of one of the officers, we had the privilege to meet the Master of the vessel. After the meeting with the master, one of the officers gave me, Eko and Destriana a safety tour through and around the vessel. We were instructed to use proper PPE (boiler suit and helmet). The most impressive of the tour was the explanation of the gas tanks, pipes that transport the gas to the filers and the engine room.

After the safety tour through and around the vessel, we were having a meeting with all crew onboard the vessel to discuss about crewing materials, personal issues, documents etc. The crew also gave feedback on our performance that is essential for our continual improvement to provide the best services for the crew.

In conclusion, by visiting the vessel, we have seen that the crew onboard FSRU are working very professional and maintain high level of safety protocols. Furthermore, the crew prioritize themselves to achieve the best performance for Golar and making sure that the gas within the tanks will not overload. It was a very pleasant experience to witness the core operations of the crew onboard FSRU and to have the privilege to know about the vessel’s objectives and why it is vital for the metropolis of Jakarta. I would like to thank the Director of EBU Angga Luthfi Eldrianto, Assistant Manager Yossy, and Crewing SH Novida for giving me the opportunity to experience to visit the vessel and to make observation that could be interesting for my research.