Monday, 16 November 2020 By Admin

Congratulations to 1st winner Muhammad Yusup and 2nd winner Jakfar Shodiq as the winners of the EBU Photo Competition Seafarers’ Life @ Sea 2020.

Picture by : C/O Muhammad Yusup, FSO Federal II

Challenging at Sea

This photo was taken at Widuri Termina, FSO FEDERAL II during the lifeboat drill. Many thanks for assisting the tug to help our crew to reach the lifeboat.

The swell, current, and wind blowing so hard.
And you see how exhausted, we are? But still must go on, and we have to ensure that the lifeboats are in good order and can be operated anytime.

I must confess that life at sea is really challenging, especially during this epidemic. Our movements are restricted. All of you who are struggling with extremely monotonous activity, please take a break, clear up your thoughts, do something fun, and always take care of yourself.

The family is waiting for you at home. 🏠

Picture by : 4/E Jakfar Shodiq, Tanto Tenang

My job is very risky, but if I follow the standard safety regulations set by the company I can reduce the risk of work accidents. My responsibility is very heavy, but if I am sincere and patient to live it all will be light. Work safely and be accompanied by sincerity so you can conquer the world.